Below is an example email pitch I wrote for Bensons. 

Feature: Give your Valentine the gift of a perfect night’s sleep

Hi (insert name),

I hope you’re well.

Whilst Valentine’s Day might be the romantic day of the year, sharing a bed can often lead to romantic trouble, with duvet wars, snoring and bed-hogs all common problems for couples.
This year Bensons for Beds and the Sleep School have put together some top tips for couples on how to get a great night’s sleep together, ensuring that your readers love life doesn’t suffer as a result of poor slumber.

Please find the tips copied below – I thought they may be of interest for online or anything you have planned around Valentine’s Day?

In a bid to get the nation sleeping again, Bensons for Beds, the UK’s leading bed supplier, has teamed up with The Sleep School, founded by the UK’s leading sleep expert Dr. Guy Meadows, to create new data-driven resources to help all achieve a peaceful night’s sleep the natural way.

Do let me know if this is of interest or if you would like any further information.

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