Below is a client summary I wrote for Penn State’s College of IST campaign book. It provides a brief overview of who the client is. 

Penn State’s College of Information Sciences and Technology provides its students with the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in the world of science and technology. The college is molding its students to create new ways to perceive and evaluate the infinite opportunities of an ever-growing digital age. Founded in 1997 and formally opened in 2004, the college addressed the need perceived by the university and advisors from government and industry for educating students in the emerging field of technology. Since then, the college has ranked #1 in the United States among information technology degrees, according to the Best Colleges, and #5 in the Unites States among online graduate computer information technology programs, according to U.S. News, providing many opportunities for its 2,100 enrolled students. Over time, the college has continued to grow in size and academic options, providing its students with a growing variety of degree programs and majors. By enrolling in the College of Information Sciences and Technology, students add their diverse background and talents to the community and experience the close-knit association that exists within the college.