Headline: Richmond University announces appointment of new communications professor

Subhead: From corporate PR to headhunting, Richmond’s newest professor has industry insight students need

RICHMOND, September 20, 2016 –  CEO and founder of SPELL Communications, Laura Petty, has been appointed as the newest professor to Richmond, The American International University In London’s, Kensington campus. Starting on Tuesday, September 20th, Petty will be instructing a postgraduate course in public relations practice and an undergraduate course in corporate communications simultaneously.

Petty is a former Corporate PR professional turned specialist communications matchmaker and has over 10 years’ experience in the PR industry, including lecturing experience in Public Relations and Advertising at the University of Westminster. Petty, a Canadian native, has previously worked with Huntsworth, Grayling, UNICEF and Sermelo – obtaining extensive experience in corporate and crisis communications. While Petty expects to lecture at Richmond “indefinitely,” she’ll concurrently continue working on SPELL Communications and as a recruitment headhunter at BoldMove.

Regarding Richmond’s Faculty, University President John Annette said:

“Our culturally diverse faculty bring their international training and experience into the classroom. In combination with the international outlook and intercultural backgrounds of our students, this means that the Richmond classroom is a dynamic space for fruitful debate.”

On her appointment and past experiences, Petty said:  

She chose Richmond for a multitude of reasons, including “the caliber of students, integrity of the program, integrity of some of the professors, the international base [the university provides] and class size.”

While Petty believes her best skills are “client relations and communications” she says she initially “fell into teaching.” “The first day I lectured at University of Westminster undergraduate program, I walked into the classroom in heels,” said Petty. “I’ve walked into board rooms with very serious men in suits, but I walked into this classroom and was shaking, I was terrified … but halfway through I fell in love,” Petty said.

“In PR you are always learning, that’s something that I love about Public Relations” explained Petty. “You learn about new subjects, new trends, new things on social media – whatever it might be you’re always learning.”

In regards to teaching, “there might be something that I say that will help [students] careers or give [students] ideas about what [they] actually want to do” said Petty. “That’s also why I like recruitment, it’s much more like a match making service, it’s who should fit with who.”

While continuing teaching, Petty someday aspires to undertake ‘The Elders’ an international non-governmental organization of public figures noted as elder statesmen, peace activists, and human rights advocates, who were brought together by Nelson Mandela in 2007, as a future client. The organization inspires Petty due to their “using what they know and not letting it go to waste,” while “making the world a bit better.”

Please find images of Laura Petty attached. For more information on Petty or Richmond University, email 000089051@richmond.ac.uk.




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